Bees, unlike birds and other wildlife, do not fly south for the winter. Bees stay in their hives for the duration of the cold season. Once temperatures outside reach 55 degrees or lower, bees stay inside the hive to maintain the proper temperature needed to survive. Before the cold season starts, in autumn the worker bees start the preparation process for winter by getting rid of the drone bees. The remaining bees then all huddle up into a ball, if you will, surrounding the queen. They shiver and flutter their wings to create warmth. The ideal temperature of the cluster of bees is 95 degrees. To maintain that temperature, a few bees at a time will break off the cluster, go up to the honey supers, and eat honey. Honey is the food that gives bees the needed energy to flutter their wings to sustain the hive temperature. Therefore, in beekeeping it is important to leave the hive enough honey to get the bees through the cold season. Bees struggle to fly in weather below 50 degrees. Bees will get cold quickly and die, so they must stay in the hive all winter to survive.