Gardening, like many hobbies, offers limitless room for improvement. There are always new tricks, techniques, and skills to learn to increase the quality and quantity of your harvest. Whether you’re growing a small plot of herbs or a full-fledged vegetable garden, maximizing your use of space is key to ensuring a bounty of delicious produce all summer long. In this guide, The Little Beekeeper will share some tips and resources to help you plan your most productive garden yet!

Start with a Strong Foundation

From selecting a site to amending your soil, all the work you do before planting your garden will have a big impact on your yield.

  • Hire a property surveyor to identify your land boundaries before breaking ground on a new garden plot.
  • When picking a site for your garden, pay attention to potential microclimates in your yard.
  • Plant your garden facing the direction that receives optimal sun.
  • Test your soil and make changes to remediate any problems.

Choose the Right Plants

Maximize your use of space by choosing highly productive plants and varieties that grow rapidly to allow for repeated sowing throughout the season.

  • Some of the most high-yielding vegetables include pole beans, zucchini, and tomatoes.
  • Fast-growing vegetables like radishes, lettuce, and beets can be planted and harvested more than once over the summer.
  • Incorporate herbs into your vegetable garden to get more out of your available space.

Keep Your Plants Happy

Don’t set it and forget it! Keep your plants happy with good watering, weeding, and feeding practices to improve your harvest.

  • Learn how to apply fertilizer correctly.
  • Give your plants more water, less often to encourage deep root growth.
  • Pull weeds as they pop up to stop them from crowding out and shading your veggies.
  • Regularly check your garden for pests so you can minimize damage to foliage and fruits.

You don’t need a green thumb to grow incredible fruits and vegetables. When it comes to growing plants, it’s all about learning through experience. Get out there, try different techniques, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Through the process of trial and error, anyone can grow a highly productive garden!

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