Learn more about our Elderberry Syrup.


In the long list of medicinal plants the Elderberry is top notch! These tiny power packed berries have anti-flammatory, antioxidant, and anti-viral properties. Studies have proven they can lessen the symptoms of the flu, assist with colds and sinus infections and help with spring allergies.


Containing over 25 antioxidants, Ginger fights infection, reduces inflammation, and boosts immunity.


A proven antisepctic, cloves aid in relieving joint pain and aids with digestion issues.


Extremely high in antioxidants, antimicrobial, provides immune support, digestion aid, can prevent colds and flu. Improves memory function as well, and supports cardiovascular function.

Local Raw Honey

Raw honey contains bee pollen. Bee pollen is widely known to provide natural allergy relief and fight off infection. Raw Honey is recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics as a remedy for coughs. Local raw honey (which we use) also contains pollen from local plants in bloom. Raw honey is antimicrobial and boosts digestion. We do not add any honey to our syrup until the product has chilled to 90 degrees. This helps to keep the honey truly raw and preserve all the natural enzymes.


Citrus is loaded with vitamin C to help fight colds and flu. Citrus also provides hydration and is a great source of potassium. Taking citrus aids your body in better absorbing other nutrients.

Fresh Berries

We use only the best freshest ingredients in our product. Here we have 24lbs of immune boosting Elderberries going into the water for a fresh batch of The Little BeeKeeper Elderberry Syrup. Look at the beautiful color you can only get from using fresh berries!


We produce our product in large batches at a commercial kitchen. Here comes a 30 gallon batch of syrup ready to be chilled down to 90 degrees, so we can add our yummy local raw honey.