ElderBABYberry Syrup


Premium handcrafted all natural ElderBABYberry Syrup sweetened with organic blue agave nectar. Safe for children under the age of 1, eating solids.


Our all natural ElderBABYberry Syrup is specifically formulated with a blend of elderberries, agave nectar, and signature spices (analgesic cloves, anti-inflammatory ginger, and anti-bacterial ceylon cinnamon) to offer an all-natural relief for seasonal irritations. We add in citrus (lemon and orange) for an added boost of Vitamin C. Keto and Vegan friendly.

Depending on frequency of use and number in your household one bottle should last 30-45 days.
Discard any unused product after 60 days past opening.

Suggested Usage:
Adults – 1tbsp / 15ml daily
Children (once eating solids) – 1tsp / 5ml daily
For added immune support you can increase to 4x a day.

  • 16fl oz. / 474ml, recyclable amber glass bottle
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Contains no fillers, like glycerine
  • Contains no preservatives
  • Keep Refrigerated

Ingredients: water, elderberries*, blue agave nectar*, orange*, lemon*, ginger*, ceylon cinnamon*, clove*.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

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