Raspberry Gourmet Whipped Honey


We have carefully whipped honey to a perfect velvet consistency, then added raspberries.  This combination of flavors pairs wonderfully since honey is sweet and raspberries are somewhat tart.  You get the initial honey flavor then the raspberry flavor comes along.  This is amazing to use in a vinaigrette, drizzled over ice cream, and  a great condiment on charcuterie boards.


Whipped Honey is a velvety, smooth product requiring a unique crystallization technique.

With this technique we change the composition of honey from liquid into a luscious, delectable spread.

This transformation takes time – up to 2 weeks, so we have already achieved this for you.

Gently heat our whipped honeys for 10 seconds in the microwave to be able to drizzle it over your favorite foods.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

3oz Jar, 9oz Jar

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