Syrup Kit + 1lb. Honey


Bundle and Save to make your favorite Elderberry Syrup in the comfort and safety of your home. Bundle includes 1 Elderberry Syrup Kit and a 1lb. Local Raw Honey.


The perfect bundle with a sweet discount. Everything you need to make your own Elderberry Syrup at home, including the honey. This deal includes 1 – Elderberry Syrup Kit, 1 – 1lb Local Raw Honey.
Kit Details: Make your own The Little BeeKeeper Elderberry Syrup at home! Enjoy delicious immune supporting syrup using our very own signature recipe and method of making our product as well. This Elderberry Syrup Kit comes with everything you need in one organic cotton food safe reusable pouch. Just add water & a sweetener of your choice. Each kit will yield approximately 24-32 ounces of syrup – after adding one cup of your preferred sweetener. If you like your elderberry syrup sweetened with honey, which is our standard recipe and best seller, check out our honey options as well. Simple, quick, and ready to use, our Elderberry Syrup Kits are a fun at home activity to include your kids in as well.

  • Store kits in a cool dry space until ready to use.
  • Easy to follow instructions included.
  • Discard contents of pouch (great for composting) and launder pouch for reuse.

4.8 oz. / 142ml

Organic Ingredients: elderberries, orange, lemon, ginger, ceylon cinnamon, clove.

Honey Details: From our North Carolina hives to your home!
Raw | All Natural | Natural Alternative To Refined Sugars | Minimally Processed
Truly raw never pasteurized/heated above 90 degrees. We take pride in treatment free beekeeping. This means in our beekeeping processes we don’t use chemicals. We only use natural items to maintain and treat our hives. Taste the difference today!

Real honey can crystallize – if this does occur, simply put your product in a container of warm water. The honey will re-liquify.


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