Our Story

How We Began

The Little BeeKeeper got it’s name when a spunky curly haired girl became the youngest certified beekeeper in the state of North Carolina at the age of nine years old. To this day she still holds that title proudly and still loves bees. Our company is a family owned, local business. We are passionate about educating the public about organic natural wellness and the benefits of beekeeping.

Why Our Products Are Different

Our products are Natural Wellness Products.  For our Elderberry items we do not hot pour our honey into the product. We produce the syrup, then blast chill it to 89 degrees, then we add the honey in. This is to preserve all the natural enzymes in the honey which is beneficial in helping with seasonal allergies. If someone is buying a shelf stable product that contains honey the item has been heated and all the benefits of the honey have been destroyed by heat.

Fresh or Frozen Ingredients

All ingredients we use are fresh or frozen and sustainably grown. We NEVER use dried or powdered ingredients because this gives the product a bitter taste, and a darker brown color.

We Are Organic

All our items are organic. The elderberries are shipped to us fresh in the growing season in which we then we package and freeze them

About The Little BeeKeeper, LLC

We are a licensed and insured LLC. We are inspected and permitted by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. We are ServSafe Certified. We produce and bottle our Elderberry Syrup per North Carolina Regulations at a commercial kitchen that is also inspected and regulated by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Health Department.