How We Began

The Little BeeKeeper started in 2016 when a spunky curly haired girl became the youngest certified beekeeper in the state of North Carolina at the age of nine years old. To this day she still holds that title proudly and still loves bees. Our company is a family owned, local business. We are passionate about educating the public about functional natural wellness and the benefits of beekeeping.

We pride ourselves in quality products at competitive prices. We may not be the cheapest, but we also aren’t the most expensive brand in the business. Our standards are set high, so we can always achieve the best products for our customers. Quality is never sacrificed when producing The Little BeeKeeper items. This is our family’s promise to you.

We are a licensed and insured business. We are inspected and permitted by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. We are ServSafe Certified. We produce and bottle our Elderberry Syrup and Honey Products per North Carolina Regulations at a commercial kitchen that is also inspected and regulated by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Health Department. Our products are lab tested. We take every necessary step to ensure the quality and integrity of every item we make from start to finish.

We Love Bees

Our love for pollinators goes back to 2015 when I became a certified beekeeper. In 2016 my husband became certified as well, and our daughter became The Little BeeKeeper. Our hives are the lifeline to our business – whether it’s the raw bottled honey or as a tasty additive to our elderberry syrup. Ethical beekeeping is a top priority for The Little BeeKeeper as a business. We use treatment free beekeeping practices. Meaning that we do not use chemicals to treat and maintain our hives. Essential oils are used frequently in our process for deterring wax moths. We also use essential oils for the treatment of varroa mites. Small hive beetles are also an issue for hives that has to be monitored. We use beetle traps with cooking oil and apple cider vinegar to lure the beetles into the traps. All these practices help us maintain the quality of our hives and the honey we collect from them. Beekeeping is not for the faint of heart but we wouldn’t have it any other way.